Packers Schedule Presents Challenges

The NFL released their 2014 regular season schedule last week and it looks like the Packers will have a difficult schedule, at least on paper, for the 2014 season. If the Packers want to make it back to the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl, they will have to go through some quality opponents on their regular season schedule.

The Packers open up their season on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. This is a major test right away for the Packers as the Seahawks are the best home team in the league. Playing at Seattle right away might not be ideal for the Packers, because the stadium will be extremely loud and the Packers offense has a history of starting off slow, something the Packers cannot afford to have against the Seahawks physical defense. But, the Packers should be at their healthiest in week one, so it should be all hands on deck against one of the best teams in the league. It should be a good measuring stick for the Packers.

The first five games for the Packers will present a challenge. They will have two Thursday night games in their first five games and this is something Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is probably not very happy about. McCarthy is a creature of habit and likes to have a balanced schedule. Having two Thursday games will definitely put a dent in that.

During those first five games, the Packers will face the Seahawks, then the Jets at home, then two straight road games against Detroit and Chicago, then on a short week, the Vikings at home. The Packers will have played every team in their division within the first five games. This will also prove to be a difficult task for the Packers.

While the first five games will be difficult for the Packers, they also face some tough opponents in the rest of their schedule. They face the Carolina Panthers and that stingy defense at Lambeau, then travel to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and the Saints, then play at Lambeau against Tom Brady and the Patriots. They also face the Atlanta Falcons, a team that should be much improved from last year.

It's hard to gauge how well the Packers will do based on their schedule right now. They still have holes they need to fill on the team through the draft like: linebacker, safety, wide receiver, tight end, and center. But, the Packers should still be the favorites to win their division. The Packers must stay much healthier then they have the past couple of seasons though to make a legitimate run through the playoffs and be a Super Bowl contender. If the Packers are able to fill their holes on the roster through the draft and stay healthy, the Packers should be a double digit win team and be a serious contender for a run at the Super Bowl.