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"Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt."


"Children are our most valuable natural resource."

Herbert Hoover

Written by Paul Stark

Think for a moment: Are you free in America? Do you have the right to self-determination? Do you have the right to self-government? Does your vote truly mean anything? If you think you are entitled to money you did not earn, doesn't that imply collusion on your part with a powerful authority that forcibly compels others to pay your way? This money for nothing swindle applies to corporations and real persons.

What amount, in America, are you ‘allowed’ to keep of what you create? Who has first claim on the fruits of your intellectual and physical labors? Does anyone have a true right to claim a portion of what you create? The government (that powerful authority) is stealing from your industriousness - to what end? Think about it - Are you truly free in America?

America once had a Constitutional Federal Republic as a form. Before this 'great experiment' was conceived, the people granted certain limited powers (not rights) to their respective State governments who then granted fewer and limited powers (not rights) to the general government in Washington city. The people, We the People, are the ones who have rights and those rights must be protected by the state (not a person) in which we reside. The State governments are supposed to be protected by the general governing body (not a person). The States united themselves under a federal system to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity.

The elders of this nation were very jealous of their God given rights. That is why the 10TH AMENDMENT STATES:The powers not delegated (delegated by whom? Why, We the People through the several states) to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Now if the founders, who created the respective several States, went on to create the United States general government, are not the possessors of true rights to remain with the people? Of course! Only those who have rights may delegate and grant that which they possess. The founders willingly delegated certain powers to the state and then to the general federal government to secure the very rights that only we, as human beings, can possess. Wouldn't it be true then that We the People can reclaim those rights and powers when a central authority oversteps the powers granted it?

When will We the People demand what is rightfully ours? We must stop living in the shadows of what once was. We must stop pretending that the facade that we see is a constitutional federal republic. The other side of the facade is what is real: a super-state social welfare regulatory and warfare system that is bankrupt and enslaving We the People against our will.

Every government from the beginning of time has ended in despotism and tyranny. We are now witnessing a long train of abuses against our God given rights and thus bestowing to our posterity a wake of tyranny, despotism and tax slavery. Daniel Webster warned us in 1825: "If . . . the Representative system ultimately fails, popular governments must be pronounced impossible. No combination of circumstances more favorable to the experiment can ever be expected to occur. The last hopes of mankind therefore rest with us . . ."

Behold . . . the federal debt slavery imposed on a newborn child born in America: $1,532,026.

This child did not grant any authority or powers to the general government to spend this nation into debt slavery.

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Posted By: Paul Stark  

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