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There were actually 2 debates on Thursday: One in Kentucky and one at Eau Claire Memorial for local state Representatives.

On the VP debate. If you read the transcript or listened to it on radio you called it a tie or even a Biden win. If you watched it on TV I would say Ryan won because of Biden’s rude and unprofessional behavior. Joe was disrespectful in continuing to refer to Congressman Ryan as “MY FRIEND” and never calling him Congressman...or Paul or by not looking at him and using words like “That’s Stuff or Baloney”. You know he wanted to say “Crap”. Romney made his points without being disrespectful of President Obama. Biden laughing out loud and constantly interrupting while Paul was attempting make a point, especially when Congressman Ryan was discussing Libya and security, was disgraceful. Almost like a schoolyard BULLY. As far as substance Ryan didn’t wipe the floor with the VP. Joe is a seasoned Debater but I think he held his own considering all that he had to put up with from Joey. I actually disagree with Paul about Afghanistan. I think we should get out and bring all of our troops home. I was against both wars. Considering everything Martha Raddatz did a pretty good job as the moderator. Even NBC, believe it or not, thought “JOEY WAS OVER THE TOP” on Libya…Our Ambassador asked for more security. Biden stated He and the President didn’t know that…Is that a way of throwing Hillary under the bus…???? I don’t like the way Obama treats Netanyahu either.

If this type of behavior is what the Republican’s have to put up with the likes of Pelosi and Reid…No wonder there is GRIDLOCK in Washington.

As far as both Debates…The Progressives' game plan is clear. Attack success…The Rich…Conservative values…Gov. Walker {who last time I looked is not on the Wisconsin know he won the Recall by a greater margin than the original election}. Demonize your opponent and ignore we had a 3.5 Billion with B Deficit in Wisconsin. Instead we head the OCCUPY MADISON crowd acting disgraceful with uncivilized acts or State Senators leaving the state. The real DEBATE is November 6th…We need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan elected and here in Western Wisconsin I am voting straight Republican this time. I didn’t in 2008 and I have regretted ever since. Voting 3rd party {a la PEROT} only helps elect democrats.

One great thing that happened in Washington, D.C., on Thursday was the fantastic pitching performance by Eau Claire Express's Jordan Zimmerman for the Washington Nationals. Pitching in Relief and striking out the side as a sellout crowd went wild.

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