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First of all I do believe in our Public Schools in Wisconsin in-general. But when they become so bad -- such as in Milwaukee and Racine area -- I do feel that vouchers serve a purpose to help those parents. When they talked about stopping vouchers, many people showed up at a meeting demanding to keep them in the Milwaukee area. However, I don’t think it is needed throughout the state {My Opinion}. I think we need to find a way to help the rural schools, or they will fold or merge.

The big thing I am against is how our public schools were taken over by the Unions and the Democratic Party. I am totally against any political party or union doing that. As a result the unions brought things like ACT 10 on themselves. I am not against teachers, as they have a tough job. I am against political opinions drifting into our classrooms. I was really against our former Supt. Heileman giving a political {Anti-Walker} speech on the Capitol steps {and then defending it to me}. “I AM A CITIZEN.”

I think it is a shame when a student is poked fun of for having a conservative point or opinion. I think it’s a shame when students have told me they are afraid to express their opinion. It gets worse in many University settings. Students should be able to voice their opinion in a social studies or history class without fear of getting a bad grade. YOU CALL THAT EDUCATION? That is one of the reasons home schooling became so popular. Then charter private schools started. Now granted, some these were ill-conceived and actually took the money and ran. Many of our private schools are very good. 2 of our children graduated from Regis and 1 from North. All 3 have turned out to be very productive citizens in Ohio and Colorado. One has garnered a Masters Degree following her Education at Regis…UW-Stout and Xavier University in Ohio.

These Private Schools can’t be worse than some of our Public Schools in Milwaukee and Racine.. Read more...


love the game of Baseball. In fact, it was only sport I ever actually played.  I played in, believe it or not…The Mayor Daley Little League on Chicago’s Northside. Mort Lowery, a Chicago Policeman, was our Coach.  Their team once played at Wrigley Field against a team from Great Lakes Naval Training Center and actually got a hit off Johnny Podres of the Dodgers.  Well, watching this year's Little League World Series took me back to those years, as that team from my home town…The Jackie Robinson Little League team from Chi-Town… made us proud.  South Korea won the Championship, but those kids from Chi-Town won our hearts.  The teamwork that I learned playing {Catcher} carried over to my broadcasting career as well. Read more...


I usually write about marketing or advertising, however this week I was thinking about the TOPIC OF DEMONS. I have been very sad ever since I heard the news on radio about ROBIN WILLIAMS'S tragic passing. Read more...

MARTY'S BLOG 7/28/14

Read with great interest John DeRosier’s “VOICE OF THE PEOPLE” -- I, of course, completely disagree...

KOCH is 58th on the Political contribution list of money donated, far behind many liberals like GEORGE SOROS and MOVEON.ORG, for example.

Mary Burke is completely unqualified to be our state Leader. {School board of Madison?}

99.5% of TREK BIKES are not built in our state…Many in China. Only their top-end bikes are built here, but progressives don’t seem fazed by her sending many jobs offshore. Or her lack of experience.

Yes, Scott might not be TOMMY, but he has done a good job of turning our state in a positive direction. Remember, he had to deal with a $3.5 Billion-with-a-B deficit.  Oh, I was against HI SPEED RAIL. Fix our Highways and Bridges with that money, yes.  High SPEED RAIL going through Red Wing...Wabasha…Winona as proposed would have done nothing for Western Wisconsin. High Speed in the Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago corridor would have had some positive impact.

Walker has done a far better job than President Obama has done in his 2 terms.  He is by far the worst, than even Jimmy Carter or Nixon.  Immigration…VA…IRS..Benghazi..Syria…Israel…Ukraine…Keystone Pipeline…Obamacare.  Oh, yes, they are “W’s” fault, right????

But as far as Mary Burke……Walker still has my vote.  I think both Duffy and Kind will be re-elected.

I predict that Ron Kind will run against Ron Johnson in 2016, and Jennifer Schilling and Kathleen VINEHOUT will vie for Kind's seat. Read more...


Hey…Eau Claire, wake up.

Just attended gathering in Green Bay. Years ago many people in that area were uninformed about our region of the state, thought the state ended at either The DELLS or WAUSAU.

Guess what? 38 years later, many still are!

Quotes…from supposedly informed business people from Green Bay…Appleton…Oshkosh and Milwaukee:

Don’t Know Much about Eau Claire or LaCrosse; aren’t you suburbs of The Twin Cities. Read more...


Congratulations to Gov. Walker endorsing “THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT”. WE value his support for progress. He said it now has his full support.

I watched the Eau Claire City Council meeting Monday night with great interest and was glad to see the public was able to speak about Economic Development.

Interesting that having attended several Council meetings, it appears it's always the same group standing against PROGRESS. The same ones who have, on numerous occasions, called me a newcomer to E.C. {38+ years} and I should go back to Chicago.

Well, I am not going anywhere and continue to support PROGRESS and CONFLUENCE. The UW Regents will review it in August. Vetting CONFLUENCE is continuing. Read more...


All Americans are happy that Sgt. Bergdahl is free to come home to Idaho.
However, I and many other Americans have serious questions about the wisdom of this move by our President.

Sgt. Bergdahl 5 years ago walked away from his secured unit wearing no body armor or carrying his weapon.  His father has made statements that seem to favor the Terrorists.

Why release 5 Top Terrorists to go after Americans anyway in the world? Will more kidnappings take place?

We can’t find who killed 5 Americans in Benghazi but we can release GITMO Prisoners to Kill again.  WE can’t get our returning service personnel quick appointments at a VA Hospital but we can release close associates
of Bin Laden.

Lots of questions, not a lot of answers from our President OR DEFENSE SECRETARY CHUCK HAGEL OR SUSAN RICE. Read more...


BUYING!


For the next few days…We will be hearing quite a bit about Cruel and Inhuman treatment of people during executions. Like the one that was botched in Oklahoma. Read more...


It is great to get away and when I stop, I love to talk to people in locally-owned Restaurants and in Truck Stops, too. If they see the Badger shirt, some stop me. We travelled across  Iowa…Minnesota…Nebraska and Colorado {no, I didn’t go to the marijuana rally in Denver}, but did visit Coors Field;  watched the Rockies…the Phillies and a runaway squirrel.  Drivers in Colorado generally more polite…{except in Denver on the Freeway}. I loved stopping at  THE SPAM MUSEUM in Austin, Minnesota -- the Hormel Story is very interesting too. NOW, here is what local folks told me along the way. Read more...