I usually write about marketing or advertising, however this week I was thinking about the TOPIC OF DEMONS. I have been very sad ever since I heard the news on radio about ROBIN WILLIAMS'S tragic passing.

America and the World loved this man, and everywhere Robin went, he brought us joy and laughter...sometimes laughter that made us cry tears of joy. Yet all that love could not save him from his demons. From all accounts, Robin Williams -- like his idol Jonathan Winters -- was truly a nice man and a comic genius. I am watching many of his movies and many of them give us a glimpse into his soul. My favorite was one his early ones from 1984 entitled “MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON” where he plays a Russian saxophone player who defects in Bloomingdale's. In most of his movies his true personality and haughtingly his humanness always shines through. Yet with all the love and adoring we sent his way…The demons kept a greater hold on this man we all thought we knew from afar than our love did.

Depression is a disease we know little about and I hear it can consume an individual no matter how much his family or friends tried to help him.

Here in the Eau Claire, I recall a wonderful person -- Cindy Schott …a sweet wonderful TV News Anchor consumed by an eating disorder, and many tried to help her but failed. We still miss her..

Go with GOD Robin Williams……You brought Laughter and Joy to millions of us…and we feel sad we couldn’t bring that back to you to let you how much YOU WILL BE MISSED. If you have a DVD of GOOD MORNING VIET NAM or ALADDIN or Mrs. DOUBTFIRE, put it in and enjoy. I have one with his stand up comedy routines or the last Johnny Carson Show with him and Bette Midler, and I intend to watch them over and over. Shame on the haters who cursed him to his daughter. I will not ever hate like that.


Marty Green

Eau Claire Wisconsin