It is great to get away and when I stop, I love to talk to people in locally-owned Restaurants and in Truck Stops, too. If they see the Badger shirt, some stop me. We travelled across  Iowa…Minnesota…Nebraska and Colorado {no, I didn’t go to the marijuana rally in Denver}, but did visit Coors Field;  watched the Rockies…the Phillies and a runaway squirrel.  Drivers in Colorado generally more polite…{except in Denver on the Freeway}. I loved stopping at  THE SPAM MUSEUM in Austin, Minnesota -- the Hormel Story is very interesting too. NOW, here is what local folks told me along the way.

They want the Keystone/XL pipeline for energy independence and the jobs, and they don’t think its danger to the environment {Ogallala residents especially}. They don’t like Obamacare and many felt he is following the Saul Alinsky game plan to single payer healthcare. They don’t want Hillary but feel the Republicans don’t have a great stable of candidates that can beat her, maybe other than Rand Paul. I will not vote a CLINTON OR A BUSH. They are furious about what the U.S. Government is doing to Ranchers and Landowners in Nevada and on the Red River area of the Texas/Oklahoma border area, "And don’t criticize us with food in your mouth" Dusty McCormick of Colorado told me.

With that said, I did watch our City Council meeting on the 21st online, and I agreed with those on the council who voted for the Deck or Tubers.  I DID NOT AGREE that they needed to go into CLOSED Session for the 1st discussions about negotiating on the next step of Confluence. While I back CONFLUENCE and don’t think it's a WHITE ELEPHANT, I look forward to discussing the project with Rep. Nass on WAYY in the next week or so. I think the more Open meetings, the better the public perception is.

While I was out West I read the Leader-Telegram “Voices” about College students having a VOTE on The Referendum. I will restate my opinion. We live in a very mobile society. Many voters may be here and later move.

Here are some examples:

  • College Students
  • Sales People
  • Store Managers
  • College Professors
  • High School Teachers
  • TV…Newspaper and Radio Stations employees
  • Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Doctors and Lawyers
  • City Council Members
  • Health care employees

While they live here…If they are Legal {I am for Voter IDs by the way..remember, I am from Chicago}.

Whether they own property or rent, if they legally qualify THEY CAN VOTE…They do Vote...They Can Vote and in fact I hope more of them vote.

Saying they should vote in their home towns is actually incorrect. If they are legally live here they should vote here. Saying they were or I were MISLED is like me saying people who did not vote for my candidates were MISLED. I did not vote for Tammy Baldwin…or Barack Obama, but I accept they were duly elected. The Referendum vote is the same. Whether a ward or a part of a county voted one way or the other is an interesting discussion {CIVILLY I hope}. But the only result is the final total, nothing more. More of the county residents and TAX Base is in the City Limits of Eau Claire and that will never change.

Marty Green
Retired Manager of WAYY/WAXX.

PS I love the OLDIES ON AM1150 and the new expanded line up for WAYY, too.