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MARTY'S BLOG 7/28/14

Read with great interest John DeRosier’s “VOICE OF THE PEOPLE” -- I, of course, completely disagree...

KOCH is 58th on the Political contribution list of money donated, far behind many liberals like GEORGE SOROS and MOVEON.ORG, for example.

Mary Burke is completely unqualified to be our state Leader. {School board of Madison?}

99.5% of TREK BIKES are not built in our state…Many in China. Only their top-end bikes are built here, but progressives don’t seem fazed by her sending many jobs offshore. Or her lack of experience.

Yes, Scott might not be TOMMY, but he has done a good job of turning our state in a positive direction. Remember, he had to deal with a $3.5 Billion-with-a-B deficit.  Oh, I was against HI SPEED RAIL. Fix our Highways and Bridges with that money, yes.  High SPEED RAIL going through Red Wing...Wabasha…Winona as proposed would have done nothing for Western Wisconsin. High Speed in the Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago corridor would have had some positive impact.

Walker has done a far better job than President Obama has done in his 2 terms.  He is by far the worst, than even Jimmy Carter or Nixon.  Immigration…VA…IRS..Benghazi..Syria…Israel…Ukraine…Keystone Pipeline…Obamacare.  Oh, yes, they are “W’s” fault, right????

But as far as Mary Burke……Walker still has my vote.  I think both Duffy and Kind will be re-elected.

I predict that Ron Kind will run against Ron Johnson in 2016, and Jennifer Schilling and Kathleen VINEHOUT will vie for Kind's seat.

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