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A few years ago…I read a book and saw a movie that Rekindled my faith…It was called “Tuesday’s with Morrie.”

Well, my friend Lee Rasmussen...a dear lady at Cardiac Rehab at Mayo clinic…{not only a Heart Rehab gal but one who was hit by a car years ago}

Lee shares movies with me and me with her…She gave me one {Hallmark Hall of Fame} entitled “HAVE A LITTLE FAITH” another Mitch Albom story about “Rabbi Albert Lewis” {like my friend Ruth Brissman this Rabbi was a singer}.

If you have seen this movie or read Mitch Albom’s book…Read it or watch it.  I am not a real strong Bible Reader but I believe in THE GOLDEN RULE.

Thanks Lee…and Thanks to Mitch Albom…It Rekindled my faith.  Martin Landeau portrays the Rabbi and he does a great job, and Lawrence Fishburne is a Pastor in the Ghetto of Detroit.

{Excuse me…I have heard some good sermons by people like Father Konopa…Rabbi Yosi Gordon…and Rabbi Shosh Dworsky too.  {And Mort Sipress in Eau Claire and my South Carolina Rabbi JJ Teskey, too.}

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