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The public and the EC City Council has spoken by a vote of 9-1 to place on the April 1st ballot a REFERENDUM.  If the city wishes to build a structure for Arts or Entertainment costing $1 million or more, the public will have a vote.

So be it.  Klinkhammer’s objections are duly noted and I agree with him.  Statements by Strobel and Von Haden are duly noted and I agree with what they said too.  I did NOT hear all the session on Tuesday as I was at a previous engagement.



How do we do that….Form a group for THE CONFLUENCE.

We need a publicity campaign to include:

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Newspaper
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • YARD Signs
  • Plus a Town Hall Meeting that will Educate and Answer the objections.  {Lisa Patrow of TV-18 is working on that}

Once we accomplish that…we hope the community will back this revitalization of our city.  With both the REFERENDUM ON APRIL 1st and the 2nd REFERENDUM to commit the money, let’s get to work.  Zach I hope you will come on News/Talk WAYY soon…You can sway opinion…You are a STRONG VOICE against likes of Mary Jo Cohen, etc., etc.


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