Dear Friends:

After reading Andrew Dowd’s article “Irk’s” in Saturday's Leader-Telegram. Here is my reaction:

I agree with Council President Kerry Kincaid and Councilwoman Mitchell and our City Manager Russell Van Gompel and his decision...As our discussion on Snow removal on Thursday indicated, Brian is no longer here and we needed an immediate decision while the long-term decision was still being looked at.

Our City Manager indicated a long-term decision was still a council decision yet to be made, not his.

SNOW REMOVAL at 3” is not popular decision still. But I defended the city based on fiscal reasons.


I also hardly endorse the continued efforts on “THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT”.
I salute Justin Vernon and JAMF Software’s Zach Halmstad and James Schmidt of UWEC and Commonwealth Development, too. Still many questions, but after talking for nearly 40 years, I continue with visionaries who love our city and want to move our city forward. If a few old buildings are torn down then that is a part of progress. I lived in Green Bay for 10 years and I was just back there and almost could not recognize parts of the downtown after it's redeveloped…it was Beautiful.

PS If you think our ROUNDABOUTS are bad here.  Go to Green Bay…DePere…Oshkosh…Neenah/Menasha. They have gone ROUNDABOUT CRAZY.


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These comments are my own and not the opinions of Mid-West Family Broadcasting or the EC Redevelopment board that I am a member of course.