President Obama’s speech has not changed my mind in any way, shape or form.  Nothing he said wasn’t facts we already knew.  Sarin gas is bad.  Assad is a horrible Dictator who has killed his own citizens for 2 years.  But it is a “CIVIL WAR” we have no place entering.  Both sides have terrorists who hate us and our way of life.  Putin and Assad are trying to SNUCKER US.  Any agreement -- in Ronald Reagan’s words -- must be able to TRUST AND VERIFY.  It will take years to round up and destroy Chemical Weapons and the UN is incapable of handling that task.  Russia is trying to delay and give SYRIA the ability to continue with ASSAD as its comrade-in-arms in cooperation with IRAN and RUSSIA.

Stay the course and continue to tell your elected officials to VOTE NO.  Call them and E-Mail them.

NO WAR…MISSLE strikes that lead us into another Mid-east involvement.

We are on a SLIPPERY SLOAP that leads nowhere.

Marty Green
Political Contributor
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Eau Claire, Wisconsin