This week I attended a listening session at the LE PHILLIPS Senior Center held by {D} Ron Kind of the 3rd Congressman District here in Wisconsin. While I disagree with Ron on many issues I have always appreciated that Ron is never afraid to take tough questions either on WAYY or at these listening sessions. Many politicians have ducked out of doing these to avoid citizens with tough questions…This is a mistake.

Ron is like many politicians in that many of his answers are pretty generic but at least he takes time to meet his voters.  This session included questions about:

Obama Care
The Patriot Act
The Farm Bill
And my question about whether President Obama needs Congressional approval before bombing SYRIA. Or any foreign involvement like Libya was.

I predict that Ron Kind will not run for Governor but will run against Ron Johnson in 2016.  Also thanks to several listeners who came up to me and said I don’t always agree with you but find WAYY AM790 a very interesting station covering Local…Regional….National issues.