OJ…CASEY ANTHONY…ARIAS…ZIMMERMAN…Then coming soon to a cable channel the next reality show…I mean trial…will be The Cleveland Kidnapper Trial and the New England Patriot Hernandez Murder Trial.

TV channels like Nancy Grace and CNN Headline News need to fill time and these REALITY-- I MEAN TRIALS FIT NICELY.  No matter that hundreds of murders are taking place in inner cities like Chicago, the progressive media needs these trials so the likes of Rev. Sharpton and Jessie Jackson can continue to wage war on Conservatives…especially The Tea Party Republicans…Talk Radio and, of course, FOX News.  The Zimmerman trial was a spotlight for these attacks, as is the discussion of Immigration reform where these attacks are aimed at destroying  these same institutions. Nancy Pelosi states Immigration will destroy The GOP forever but won’t explain how this bill is any different than the one in 1986 that failed to close our borders to illegals {Not undocumented}.

MSNBC and NBC News…edited the Zimmerman 911 call to portray him as a White Hispanic  racist profiler…SHAMEFUL {They never say President Obama is White/African-American, do they?}.  The Police Chief of Sanford Florida -- Mr. Lee -- was forced to step down after his investigation found no reason to arrest George Zimmerman, however Eric Holder and the Dept. of Justice but pressure on Gov. Scott to have him tried.  Now they want THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE LAWS changed as well.

My message to conservatives and Republicans is……REMEMBER THE PROGRESSIVE PRESS is YOUR ENEMY and always remember be very careful when talking to them.  Yes  Trayvon Martin is Dead but George Zimmerman’s life has been destroyed…as well.  The whole episode is a TRAGEDY.  But the Ratings were good.

I watched HONEY BOO BOO for 2 minutes yesterday…and decided we as a nation are DOOMED.

I remember a radio station in L.A. whose slogan was ALL OJ ALL THE TIME. Of course instead of focusing on jobs…The Economy…Benghazi…the cost of student loans …NSA OR THE IRS or even Snowdon…We have trials with more to follow..