Sunday Morning, May 19th, 2013, Year of our Lord.  I awake in time to watch all Sunday Talk Shows.

Dan Pfeiffer, an Obama spokesperson, is out there spinning away.  He sounded like the Nixonites did before Watergate broke wide open.  Whether it's Benghazi…The IRS…or the AP Wiretaps…I could not believe my ears.  We didn’t know…We weren’t involved……yeh yeh yeh.

This administration came into office saying how transparent they would be.  Instead they are the opposite.  Susan Rice’s and Hillary Clinton’s lies on the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks…{The Video was the reason}…to never allowing the survivors of that attack to speak in public.  To not knowing anything at all  about THE IRS going after “THE TEA PARTY and PATRIOT GROUPS”.  Eric Holder's lack of memory on that and FAST AND FURIOUS has a track record of deceit.

On the AP Wiretaps…Why weren’t they going after the Leakers in Government instead of the Reporters.  DEEP THROAT was a leaker that led to exposing Watergate. {Watch ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN if you are too young to have lived it.}

Dan Pfeifer stated the Republicans are in danger of overreaching…I guess Woodward and Bernstein overreached Uh?

It won’t happen but Barack Obama…is a worse president than Jimmy Carter.  IMPEACHMENT would cause gridlock as Brian Kilmeade said and Biden as Prez is a frightening prospect.  BUT LIES and DISCEPTION must stop.

To my liberal friends…Don’t call up and blame “W”.  He is not the President and if he lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction…He should have been impeached too.

I voted for Obama in 2008…Hoping that change would bring us together.  Boy was I wrong.  His new Slogan is  now in full swing by Dan Pfeiffer and Jay Carney.  It is “HOPE and CHANGE THE SUBJECT.”  We in talk radio will not.  Keep it up Brian…Laura…Mark…Rush…Sean…Glen and I will too…

Marty Green
Political Contributor on
WAYY Radio in Eau Claire Wisconsin