Now that the horror of The Boston Marathon Bombing is over and one terrorist is dead and one has been captured, the finger pointing has started. Who dropped the ball at the FBI? Why didn’t they know what happened to the older brother after he returned from Russia, etc., etc.  We quickly forget how well the law enforcement agencies all cooperated to get these guys.

But one thing puzzles me and has ever since 9/11. Whether these 2 acted on their own or were inspired by events they were Terrorists and they were Muslims. Why is the Muslim community so quiet in denouncing them.  Our Press continues to be politically correct and the Muslim Community continues to remain silent in denouncing violent extremists? I am Jewish;  if this had been a Jewish extremist I hope the Jewish community would come forward and denounce this type of activity. The press had no problem labeling the IRA {Irish Republican Army} as terrorists.  Also the Press is quick to mention “THE TEA PARTY” or RIGHT WING GROUPS after Gabby Giffords was shot in Arizona.  Even Bill Maher denounced this type of activity and a religion that if you are critical of they will try to kill you…Just ask Salmon Rushdie. Maher stated It’s time for Muslim Leaders in this country to speak up.

TERROR and its EXTREMISTS cannot be condoned no matter where it originates.  Timothy McVeigh just hated this country, so did these two.

People like Tom Brokaw trying to explain it away…is out of line.