I recently had a conversation with an area High School Baseball Coach and was alarmed by his comments about the lack of students coming out for sports.

I know that Football has become our number #1 spectator sport but I was shocked to hear that kids in general are not participating in sports like in the past. They have to make a commitment in time and effort to play a sport, while sitting in front of a computer or iPhone and playing video games takes neither.  And while I don’t agree with Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to reduce obesity I do agree with him that kids and us adults need to get off the couch and do something physical rather just sitting there. I will turn 70 on Saturday and I workout 6 days a week.  If nothing else WALK. {I do 2 miles a day almost everyday}.

When I hear that High schools are having a hard time encouraging students coming out for Baseball.  Even schools with a traditionally good baseball program are finding Video Games more appealing than the commitment kids need to make to a sport.  I have been lucky to have grandkids -- both male and female -- who did make a commitment to sports like Wrestling…Track…Rugby…Lacrosse…Basketball…Football…Baseball and Tennis, too.  It wasn’t easy but Paige…Jacob…Kayla…and Justin enjoyed competing.

Baseball by example is America…and I encourage those of you with kids and grandkids to support them in sports or choir or helping in their community.  I now have a Son-in-Law who is a football official.  His only request is to parents…let the kids play.  Parents are sometimes more of a problem for Coaches and Officials.  Enjoy the games and KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT…PLEASE……