I have been associated with Bob Bosold for nearly 40 years, and in that time I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting some of Bob's great family.  It was always an experience to visit Bob's energetic mom Dula.

Dula Bosold passed away just before Christmas at age 97 in Madison.  She was an amazingly engaging person.  Full of the life and stories, especially about her family and her Bob.

Last time I visited with her was when Bob joined me in THE WISCONSIN BROADCASTERS HALL OF FAME.  She, of course, was very proud of Bosold's many accomplishments, but especially what a real person Bob was both on-air and off.  She was well in her 90s but still wanted to buy a convertible.

We will miss talking with Dula as we did that day in 2006.

Dula Bosold lived a full 97 years.  Her spirit will live on in all who crossed her path.