Dear  riends…and Listeners

If there is a REFERENDUM it should be advisory like the Jail Referendum.  How it is worded will be critical.  Also if the UW Board of Regents rejects this project  it will be either dead or back to the drawing board.

I am for REDEVELOPMENT {Since I arrived in 1976}, but how it is funded is the major unanswered question.


PS  To answer a critical question…Yes, some of the buildings in question in the Barstow area are in a FLOOD PLAIN.  And that would have to be taken into consideration in this development as it goes forward. I am not for saving OLD Buildings just because they are old.  Let’s make our own history as that UW Student told us at the public hearing.  The State Theatre cannot be remodeled with a cost of nearly 10 Million Dollars.  We need to follow the lead of JAMF and RCU and move forward.  Some public money always is part of these projects in every city.  How much and for how long is the primary question.

These comments are my own and not necessarily those of Mid-West Family Broadcasting.

I feel people like Mary Jo Cohen…Mike Bollinger and others have raised many good questions that should be answered.  I don’t agree with all of their objections but I welcome their INPUT.