Dear Council Friends:

I will be spending the next few weeks talking to all parties involved in “THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT.”  However, I tend to agree with those who say  “THE PUBLIC MUST HAVE A SAY.”

Before that we need to be more informed and have more of the important questions answered.

Those of you who were the 7 who stated we needed to move on…you were right FOR THE MOMENT.  Without answering questions raised by many including Mike Bollinger…MaryJo Cohen…and many others, a Referendum right now  would in my opinion be voted down.

Those of you who were the 4…were right that the Public is asking good questions not answered or at least not understood.  TIF Districts…he fate of The State Theater and operating budget and what happens when we have deficits each year. We should look further into “THE BURNSVILLE MN STORY” {not mentioned in Leader Story}.

Once again I am for REDEVELOPMENT and have been urging since I arrived in 1976.  I am not in the "SAVE OLD BUILDINGS just to save them" camp.  Monday night a UWEC student made a statement I will reuse on WAYY Radio Show: “LET’S MAKE SOME NEW HISTORY.”  Talking about Train Depots and what EC looked like in the '50s is not productive.   I love History…but it's that  HISTORY we need to preserve important things not old buildings just because they are old.

Let’s move forward….But  continue to listen to the public.  I continue to support “THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT DONE RIGHT.”

Catch you on WAYY Thursday 7 to 9 AM at AM 790…serving Eau Claire since 1937.