Dear City Leaders,

As you know I have urged redevelopment of Eau Claire Downtown since I arrived in 1976.

I have backed "THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT" as a step in the right direction. On the heals of JAMF Software and RCU buildings. Saving Old buildings are not my top priority but Doing this THE RIGHTWAY is.

However I have read with great interest the review by Mike Bollinger for further study and slowdown in proceeding with this project.

I hope WAYY will have Mike on later this week to discuss this review and the organization that he and Larry Balow are forming.

I agree with many of the questions raised by Mike.

I don't immediately favor a spring refereundum {Why?}. Right now it would fail as many questions remain unanswered. But slowing down the process is a very good idea AND then having a REFERENDUM.

I hope the city council will read and take a hard look at the questions raised by Mike and Larry.

We all are in favor of REDEVELOPMENT but this do it the right way.

Marty Green
WAYY Talk Contributor
Thursdays 7 to 9 AM

Please re-read Mike's Letter. He makes valid points that should be reviewed.