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WHAT PART OF “NO” does our President and Congress Not understand…

This is a Civil War where both sides have Terrorists at their core leadership who hate America and Israel.  Our way of life and Israel’s…Freedom for women……Freedom of Religion…We are the Infidels.  Plus, if we were going to stop Assad we should have done it 2 years ago. Not with a few bombs.

NO limited BOMBING OF SYRIA will accomplish anything toward freedom. VOTE NO…

We didn’t learn in Cuba…Korea…Viet Nam…Iraq or the Afghan wars.  OR Libya, OR Egypt, either.  Stop this.  We cannot be the policeman for the World any longer.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not our FRIEND.  We learned that in EGYPT.

VOTE NO…………………………Let your Senators and Congressman know your feelings.  As we celebrate Rosh Hashanna…in the Jewish Calendar that we Pray for our leaders to act wisely.


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