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I actually have 4 families…that mean a lot to me…My family…wife Mary Jane..4 children, 2 son-in-laws..4 grandkids and sister-in-laws..nieces..cousins..nieces and nephews, etc. My Green Bay and Eau Claire broadcast Families and my original broadcast family in South Carolina.  I am back from an absolutely fantastic visit back to where my 50+ year radio career began as a 20-year-old DJ.  My wife Mary Jane and I traveled to both Orangeburg and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  To visit with all of these Friends -- both co workers and listeners from 1962-1967 -- was a thrill of a lifetime.

To be on the air on both WORG and The Surf 94.9 was a thrill. It was exactly 51 years ago that I started on May 1st,  1962, and to be back on that great station with my pal Marion Garris {who I hired almost 50 years ago} and wife Jody, and daughter and great DJ in her own right Meredith, and joining great morning guy Stu Wright for 3 hours of playing  “THE TOP 60 in DIXIE,” and see former DJs I worked with 50 years ago was a moving experience.

Saturday Night we went to dinner with Sonny and Pat Williams who ran the music store where I compiled that Top 60 Survey, and relive memories with them and Betty Jean Hildebrand and Daughter Diana and great friends from those by gone days was emotional. When we walked into “THE CHESTNUT GRILL” and the hostess..said…"You're Marty Green…I remember you from 50 years ago" knocked me out.  For the folks who stopped in at WORG’s studio or called me up.  I thank you Forever.  We were on WAYY and WORG Monday -- that was Fun.

So thank you Orangeburg for taking me into your heart 50 years ago. And thanks to the entire staff of WORG for welcoming me back with so much love and joy. Great stations are a family and I have met some of the best wherever I have worked. Orangeburg…Green Bay and Eau Claire. By the way the folks I met like their Gov. Haley…Mark Sanford and even Lindsey Graham {Most of the time}.  They do not like Liberals or President Obama or Hillary Clinton.  About Benghazi……I heard the word Impeachment while in South Carolina.

More next Thursday when I am on WAYY……{Glad to be home}     Marty

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