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Obama and the LIBERAL Press are out to destroy conservative thinking and we need to get our act together, both in D.C. and here at home.

I also strongly disagree with Gov. Walker and Republicans wanting to return the extra surplus money.  How much will it cost to return it?  Learn from Lee Dreyfus and Tommy Thompson.  It didn’t work for them and it won’t work now. What’s wrong with a Rainy Day Fund?  Also, if we don’t get our act together soon…and if Ron Kind runs for Gov. in Wisconsin, we will lose that office as well if we don’t wake up.

Remember, the mainstream press is the enemy…never forget that fact.

We need to have candidates who know how to talk to the enemy press.  Bad Examples…Missouri…Indiana and Rice Lake.  And I am still VERY upset that Tommy Thompson lost.  {3 weeks of no TV or Radio and TOMMY’s NOT FOR US ANYMORE ads with no reply did him in.}  And those Pac Ads {“Damn Right” against Baldwin backfired}.  I couldn’t believe they were running something like that and said so at the time on WAYY. {I know Tommy couldn’t control that ad but almost seemed like whomever ran it wanted him to lose.}

I am proud of Senator Ron Johnson -- a true conservative -- and State Rep’s Warren Petryk, Kathy Bernier and Tom Larson, and Sen. Moulton. STAND STRONG.

I welcome an opportunity to discuss these objections.  I am not for Big Government but do believe we need effective government.  What  is wrong with spending some of this surplus on infrastructure roads and bridges or educational needs. Our Medical community?

Marty Green

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