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From Frank Borg:


We as Wisconsinites have also voted 1,205,873 to 435,052 to approve a state constitutional amendment Article I, Section 25 – guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting and recreation or any other lawful purpose.  Similar constitutional provisions exist in 44 states.  I guess by the writer’s standards, our state must be full of “gun zombies” as are the other 44 states?  Making Sen. Johnson a scapegoat for the senseless carnage and killings in Connecticut is like blaming vehicles on traffic deaths.  I guess the fact that Sen. Johnson is our Senator, more voters put forth their trust in him than the other candidate.  I believe the “thoughts and prayers” agenda Sen. Johnson shared should come from everyone.

As a 30-year-plus member of the NRA, I have not only found this organization to be straight-forward and upfront but also a great agency in teaching and training young people and adults in the proper use and safety of firearms.  When this new Congress takes its seats in January, it will have this issue to deal with.

Here are some statistics from a Gallup poll in 2011 – 47% of households in America own a gun.  From a Small Arms survey in 2007 – 88.7 people out of 100 have a gun.  The U.S. is number one in the world per capita with gun ownership, private ownership of firearms in the U.S. is over 300 million, and includes over 100 million handguns.  Gun ownership rises over 4 million plus annually, and the state of Wisconsin has 60% plus of population that owns guns.  Our deer hunting population is around 450,000-plus.

I don’t expect Sen. Johnson to announce his resignation, I expect him to be a catalyst in seeking solutions to assist our country to help curb this outrageous violence.  Our country’s gun laws work, but the people who chose to do the atrocities do not follow the rules.  I agree, we need a solution to keep guns away from the criminal minds.

The NRA and the Wisconsin DNR do help… by continuing their agenda of safety and training for responsible youth and adults.

Frank Borg




Sean Hannity continued the national debate over gun rights tonight with a particular focus on the New York newspaper that published the names and addresses of every gun owner in multiple counties. Guest Leo Terrell was particularly fired up on the issue, and when it looked like he was about to really rage at Hannity, he simply covered his ears with his hands to avoid listening.


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