The August 14th Primary Election in Wisconsin is extremely IMPORTANT.
After listening to all 4 candidates to oppose the very liberal TAMMY BALDWIN {More Liberal than Russ Feingold} for Herb Kohl’s U.S. Senate seat.  I back Former Gov. Tommy Thompson and I urge people to take a look at his record of accomplishments, especially for Western Wisconsin.
--Entitlement Reform in Welfare to Work
--Making Hwy. 29 4 lanes from Green Bay to I-94
--The North Crossing HWY 312 in Eau Claire
--The U.S. 53 bypass around Eau Claire 
--50+ Tax Cuts as Gov.
--Was a conservative who was able to work with Democrats and Independents
--He was elected 4 times to be Gov. in Wisconsin by wide margins in state that has voted Democratic in Presidential Elections
--He relates to the middle class as he is from Elroy
--And he is a hunter and gun owner
I am not employed in any manner by the Thompson campaign…I just believe in this man who I call the ENERGIZER BUNNY for his energy.
I also back Ray Boland for the 3rd Congressional seat now held by Ron Kind.