I am very happy about the turn of events on the political front.  Mitt Romney made a very wise choice in Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Paul, born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, is a rising star in the Republican Party.  He is a PATRIOT whose plan to balance the budget and bring some fiscal sanity to our government of course has been demonized by the Obama machine.  They tell America lies about Medicare…Medicaid…{it will not be touched if you are over 55}.

They have said Paul wants seniors to fall over a cliff or have us over 65 eating cat food.  Paul wants nothing of the kind…He wants to balance the budget and bring entitlements under control.  If we don’t, we will wind up like Greece and Europe.  Listen to his words and please read his bipartisan plan crafted with a Democratic Senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden.

Don’t pay attention to the likes of Joe Biden…Harry Reid…Nancy Pelosi and here in Wisconsin by Tammy Baldwin.  She is running against Gov. Tommy Thompson for Herb Kohl's U.S. Senate seat.  Her positions make Russ Feingold look like a moderate.  Tommy will be a great Senator and will help Romney and Ryan carry Wisconsin in November.

We hope to have both Paul and Tommy on WAYY before the November election.