As I have stated in previous blogs…The Media many times is the Enemy.  Example being hours after the horror of a deranged mind who took 12 lives and injured 50+ in Aurora, Colorado.  Our hearts go out to all the people of that area.  Our son lives 40 miles away.  We only needed to see Brian Ross on ABC-TV to know the progressive media had already misrepresented facts by stating the shooter possibly was a member of the local Tea Party having joined earlier this year.  First all of all there are over 20 people with the same name as the shooter {whose name I refuse to use} and the shooter was not a member of the Tea Party.  Hours later ABC apologized {they should checked facts before speculating in the first place} but they never apologized for blaming conservative talk radio for things like Oklahoma City or Gabby Gifford’s shooting in Arizona.

What happened in Aurora was a Mental Health issue, not a Gun issue. The father in River Falls, Wisconsin who killed his daughters used a should we ban knives? The sick individual of the Vine Street murder in Eau Claire, WI, used a Crowbar, and what about the Driver on Clairemont and Cameron in EC who rammed 5 vehicles and killed 1…you get my point.

In Colorado, this individual bought guns and explosives legally.  Criminals and Sick People pay no attention to laws -- they find ways around them to their horrible deeds.  Blaming Conservatives and Talk Radio will not solve these problems.  By the way I have not heard any mainstream press besides FOX criticize Brian Ross and ABC or call for a ban on violent movies, video games or rap music…maybe cause these industries give millions to progressive political  campaigns. These are also detrimental to sick minds, too.

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