Writing a blog about Newtown, CT, has had me sitting at this computer for an hour trying to find the right words. This has hit all of us hard because such young defenseless children were involved. For me it had a second impact as my daughter from my 1st marriage grew up and went to school in Newtown in the '70s and '80s and I visited this beautiful small town. But beyond that the question is where do we go from here to solve the increasing violence problem seemingly accruing all too often in our country.

I have no answer, only more questions. Is it a Gun Problem?  Is it a Mental Health Problem?  Is it a Media or Video Game Problem? Is it a Religious Problem? A Single Parent Problem?

It is an EVIL PROBLEM and that, my friends, has existed since the beginning of time. I am against Assault weapons but that is a simplified solution. Many parents have had to deal with young adults who seem to be troubled or isolated and after counseling…remain Troubled…but how do know when they are going to snap and go get a weapon? We don’t. Many kids are loners but not murder candidates. Many of them become great citizens.

Adam Lanza was never violent, just withdrawn…but he was troubled and introducing him to shooting automatic weapons was probably not a good idea. But I believe his parents tried to help him, but whatever they tried didn’t work. Many of us have had similar frustrating experiences. In the weeks to come hopefully we will get answers…in the meantime I am sure we hear many POLITICAL answers…that won’t solve the problem. We do need more Love and understanding. Hugs your kids and Grandkids no matter how old they are.

Marty Green

I am gone from WAYY 'til January 3rd…Do have a Merry Christmas…Happy Chanukah…and New Year, too.