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Why Mitt Romney Lost

WHY ROMNEY LOST  by  Marty Green  WAYY  Talk Contributor

I’m not going to rehash all the Republican and Democratic campaign rhetoric. The following is just a few of my honest thoughts and opinions.

I awoke this morning feeling numb. WHY DID MITT ROMNEY LOSE? For me, it truly wasn’t a Republican or Democratic thing – I am VERY worried about the economy and I feel a private sector business man who knows business and economics would be much better for us right now than a ROCK STAR. However, it looks like more people wanted the Rock Star. I can’t believe Romney received fewer votes than John McCain. But I guess that’s understandable when one realizes that Romney was running against someone who was appearing on Leno, Letterman, The View etc. and being treated like Royalty. Plus, Obama had the three major networks working for him the last four years. I think it’s terrible that the media is so biased and gets away with it. The media should be our protector, our provider of truth on all sides – they should not be holding back the facts on issues to get their person elected. I shouldn’t say all media (there are some Journalists who still have a sense of decency and feel it’s their obligation to speak the truth whether it hurts or not). However, NBC, CBS, ABC are all blatantly progressive. Now that they got Obama re-elected, they’ll go after him a little harder like they did Clinton to try and make themselves look more impartial, but don’t be fooled – they’ll be back to their same old tricks for the next election. Does this sound like sour grapes yet – no, it’s just the plain truth.

Women, the Young, Hispanics, African Americans all love Obama, whether they are employed or not. All you had to do was watch the Republican and Democratic conventions to see there’s much more diversity in the Democratic party than the Republican party. If the Republicans don’t become more inclusive, and start paying attention to the various demographics in this country, they are going to continue to lose elections. THAT DOESN’T MEAN GIVING UP OUR PRINCIPLES OR BECOMING SANTA CLAUS. Before the election, I was talking to a smart, successful, young woman – trying to convince her to vote for Romney. Finally, I asked her if she had to hire a manager for her company – which one would she hire – Obama or Romney? She said, “well Romney of course”. So I said, “then why are you voting for Obama”? She stated there were other issues important to her such as women’s rights, green energy and not wanting to change presidents in midstream. She felt Obama should get another four years. She also voted for George W. Bush twice because she didn’t want to remove him midstream.

I don’t think it’s all the fault of Romney, the Republicans, the media or any one particular thing. Maybe they should have utilized Ryan’s abilities more – perhaps Romney should have chosen Rubio or Portman as his VP - maybe that would have helped him win Ohio or Florida. Although, I don’t think anything was going to help Romney win Ohio.

I pray that President Obama will do a good job, but I just don’t see that happening. Obama Care alone is going to do us in financially. Of course all those people that voted for Obama don’t believe that – but I’m afraid they’re in for a rude awakening. Anyone with any sense of economics knows what lies ahead now with Obama Care coming to fruition. God help us.

As you all know, I was a big Tommy fan – and still am. I can’t thank him enough for all the good things he did for Wisconsin. But it’s time to be truthful here – maybe I should have been sooner. He did not run a good campaign. FOX News called it a tired campaign. After he won the primary he disappeared from the political scene for three weeks. During that time “TOMMY IS NOT FOR US ANYMORE” took off with the pac ads – with no response from Tommy for three weeks. In the debates, I thought Tommy actually did better than Tammy, however, he never specifically answered her charges about the lobbying and consulting he did. Then those pac ads with Tammy swearing were terrible. Those ads really turned people off and they were repeated constantly. It’s against the law for a candidate to call a pac and ask them to stop an ad. All I know is those ads did a lot more damage than good. In fact, I don’t think they did any good at all. I think one of them was put out by American Crossroads, which is run by Karl Rove, I believe (not sure about that) and the other one was put out by some kind of Republican Senate group. Tommy needed Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan campaigning with/for him. He had Van Hollen and a few times with Scott Walker. Tammy had no primary battle and had more money. Thanks for all you’ve done for us Tommy – relax now and enjoy yourself.

In the end, all I can say is the landscape in politics is changing.

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