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Dear Friends of Marty:

I have never been as active in politics as I am for this election. WHY?  Because I feel the future of our country is on the line.  Economically and Socially.

I voted for Barack Obama because I thought he was potentially a better candidate than John McCain.  I didn’t know much about him but I thought he could turn our economy around.  I had not studied his record or paid attention to Rev. Wright or Bill Ayres. I wish the facts in movie OBAMA 2016 were available in 2008.  Our economy started down a slippery slope {Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac} and the housing crisis it created was like a snowball heading downhill.  Both Democrats and Republicans were to blame.  I believed President Obama when he said if he could not fix the economy in 4 years {Like Reagan did} then it would be a 1-term deal {His quote}. You cannot keep blaming “W” forever.  Our debt has increased to $16 Trillion and our average family income in America has decreased by almost $5,000 per year. We will be GREECE or SPAIN soon if we don’t cut government spending. Taxing success and doing CLASS WARFARE won’t bring our country together.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF THAN WERE 4 YEARS AGO.  I know I am not.  On the world stage our reputation around the world is not better.  TERRORISTS are still there.  In Egypt the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD runs the government.  Syria is tragic. In Afghanistan their troops our killing our troops.  OBAMA’s treatment of ISRAEL is shameful regardless of his speeches to the contrary.  What happened in Benghazi, Libya was a disgrace.  The fact that this administration lied to us is an impeachable act in my mind.  If “W” was our President…The Democrats would be calling for impeachment hearings.  Fast and Furious was a disgrace.   Liberals saying there is a WAR ON WOMEN is a total LIE.   Sandra Fluke and friends can have contraception but I don’t feel I need to pay for it.

IOWA…COLORADO…WISCONSIN…OHIO and FLORIDA will be the key.  MITT and PAUL are not perfect.  But they will restore our faith in America. Mitt has acted very Presidential.  He is a not as conservative as some would like.  I think that’s fine. Maybe he can find a way to get our Congress to work together and on occasion break the GRIDLOCK.  I urge all of you to search your hearts and vote for MITT ROMNEY and PAUL RYAN.  Vote for good Republicans or Moderate…{Bluedog} Democrats.  Who will vote for what’s right. NOT RUBBER STAMPS.

When politicians say they are running to serve the public…I usually take that with grain of salt. Why 99% of politicians have bigger EGOs than those of us in broadcasting.  They may start out with pure thoughts..But Remember the Phrase…from long ago.  POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.  Whether it’s in Washington or your state capitol.  When a fresh face arrives…Party leaders…tell them get to the back of bus take a seat…WAIT YOUR TURN and vote the party line. Hopefully this November we can vote in some people with backbone.  If you ever saw the HBO series “JOHN ADAMS” you know how difficult it was to form a country without wrangling and compromise.  It hasn’t changed in way over 250 years.

Marty Green  CITIZEN
And Radio Talk Show Contributor on
WAYY Radio
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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