Thanks for the e-mails asking for my thoughts about the debate.

The Last  Presidential debate WAS A DRAW….But Mitt should have nailed  Barack on Libya…The President lied about what he said on 9/12  in the Rose Garden...and Candy Crowley helped him Lie.

Susan Rice Lied…on those Sunday talk shows  IT WAS THE YOUTUBE Movie……and Barack lied at the UN…..Axelrod  Lied on several interviews.  IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK…It took 2 Weeks to finally say it was what it was.

Mitt tried to nail him…Candy Crowley…aided the President. THE PRESS IS THE ENEMY.  If W was in office he would have almost been impeached by the Press by now.

Hillary took the Fall…for  Barack.  Many times  Barack did not answer the question that was asked.   He evaded many direct answers on energy and domestic drilling.

Marty Green

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