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Tuesday, the Eau Claire City Council took 2 important votes that I salute them for.

First, they listened to the citizens and voted against a Sand Transfer station off Anderson Drive on our city’s north side. I am not against Frac sand mining, but a Sand Transfer station near a residential part of our city was not properly vetted.

Yes, the conditional use permit was granted over a year ago by the Planning Commission...had many unanswered questions about hours of operation…Noise…number of trucks and trains etc.   Musky Inc.'s attempt to delay a decision with a letter to council 2 hours per Tuesday's meeting was merely a delay tactic as the company had a year to meet with area residents.    Now does this end the project.  There could be lawsuits in the offing by the company too, so keep listening to WAYY, we will stay on top of this situation.  Your comments at 836-9299  between 7:40 and 9 AM Weekdays are always welcome and your emails as well.

The second vote was to approve swapping land near Carson Park for land off Galloway street as a possible site for a new YMCA building with much more parking just off the NEW highway 53.   I disagree with people who say this is not a good idea.  Transportation issues like Bus routes, etc., can be solved.  This is a perfect location and 1 City Council Person saying this was a LOSE LOSE situation instead of WIN WIN was very short sited.  I congratulate Ken Van Es and his board for this compromise and the Y needs a new location with more space and more parking as well.
Marty Green
WAYY News/Talk Radio

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