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I am currently in Ohio for my granddaughters high school graduation but I will be heading back for the RECALL ELECTION. I keep up by listening to WAYY790.COM on my computer.

While I sincerely believe that this election is uncalled for and a waste of millions of dollars. I feel we all need to get out and vote Tuesday. I back Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and State Senator Terry Moulton.  They took on tough issues that have been kicked down the road by both political parties for many years. Gov Walker wrestled with a $3.5 Million in deficit that he eliminated.  He took on the special interest of the Unions and he did this without laying off public workers.

I believe he will be retained and hopefully we can begin to heal the differences in our state. Whether Walker wins or not I predict that gridlock will continue until both political parties agree that we must reduce government entitlement spending.

We  must elect a Republican US Senator {Tommy Thompson is my choice over Tammy Baldwin} and Elect Mitt Romney President.  Locally I predict a big turn over next year on the Eau Claire City Council with at least up to 4 new members being elected.


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