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Here we go…the left has started its campaign of destruction of the candidacy of Mitt Romney by reporting he was a ring leader of bullies against a reported gay student at a prep school.  Interesting that this comes out right after the President's statement about Gay Marriage.  But everything this Campaigner in Chief does has a direct impact on his re-election campaign.

If I was ever to run for office I am sure they could dig up something stupid I did as a teenager {I did many stupid things}.  We don’t know many things about our President because the press {with a thrill up their leg} doesn’t report any of his early years.

Why can’t we ever stay on subject like the economy and jobs instead of things that happened 50+ years ago to either candidate.  I really don’t care about eating Dog or riding Dogs on top of a station wagon.

We need to discuss oil exploration…and topics that will jump-start our sluggish economy and who will move us as a nation in the right direction.

Who can reduce the budget deficit.  Mitt Romney is that candidate.  Remember that in November.  Mitt Romney is not Bob Dole or John McCain and he will be a better President that Barack Obama, especially if we elect a Republican Majority in the Senate and the House.  We need that here in Wisconsin as well by keeping Scott Walker.

Submitted by Marty Green

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