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I have long stated that the mainstream press is the enemy…and here we go again. ABC’s interview with Bill Clinton this past weekend proves it to me, at least.

Bill was asked about repairing ones image…like he had to in 1992. He said Gov. Romney could not. “When I went from the fierce primary battle to the general election I kept my core values”. {Yeah, like having an affair with Monica.} “But that Gov. Romney has flip-flopped, so after the primaries We still won’t know his so he can’t repair his.” The mainstream press was more than willing to jump all over that. However,  President Obama’s "flexibility" open-mike comment was dropped in a matter of a day. I guess that didn’t send a chill up their leg {Chris Matthews}????

Why is Bill Clinton the expert on repairing image? Cause he is a Liberal…

Remember the Mainstream Press is subtle..On ABC this weekend the panel included Van Jones and Ann Coulter. What a pair that is. The far beyond the pad lefty and the off the charts righty.

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