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The thoughts of NewsTalk 790 Today Thursday co-host Marty Green.


Hey…Eau Claire, wake up.

Just attended gathering in Green Bay. Years ago many people in that area were uninformed about our region of the state, thought the state ended at either The DELLS or WAUSAU.

Guess what? 38 years later, many still are!

Quotes…from supposedly informed business people from Green Bay…Appleton…Oshkosh and Milwaukee:

Don’t Know Much about Eau Claire or LaCrosse; aren’t you suburbs of The Twin Cities. Read more...


Congratulations to Gov. Walker endorsing “THE CONFLUENCE PROJECT”. WE value his support for progress. He said it now has his full support.

I watched the Eau Claire City Council meeting Monday night with great interest and was glad to see the public was able to speak about Economic Development.

Interesting that having attended several Council meetings, it appears it's always the same group standing against PROGRESS. The same ones who have, on numerous occasions, called me a newcomer to E.C. {38+ years} and I should go back to Chicago.

Well, I am not going anywhere and continue to support PROGRESS and CONFLUENCE. The UW Regents will review it in August. Vetting CONFLUENCE is continuing. Read more...


All Americans are happy that Sgt. Bergdahl is free to come home to Idaho.
However, I and many other Americans have serious questions about the wisdom of this move by our President.

Sgt. Bergdahl 5 years ago walked away from his secured unit wearing no body armor or carrying his weapon.  His father has made statements that seem to favor the Terrorists.

Why release 5 Top Terrorists to go after Americans anyway in the world? Will more kidnappings take place?

We can’t find who killed 5 Americans in Benghazi but we can release GITMO Prisoners to Kill again.  WE can’t get our returning service personnel quick appointments at a VA Hospital but we can release close associates
of Bin Laden.

Lots of questions, not a lot of answers from our President OR DEFENSE SECRETARY CHUCK HAGEL OR SUSAN RICE. Read more...


BUYING!


For the next few days…We will be hearing quite a bit about Cruel and Inhuman treatment of people during executions. Like the one that was botched in Oklahoma. Read more...


It is great to get away and when I stop, I love to talk to people in locally-owned Restaurants and in Truck Stops, too. If they see the Badger shirt, some stop me. We travelled across  Iowa…Minnesota…Nebraska and Colorado {no, I didn’t go to the marijuana rally in Denver}, but did visit Coors Field;  watched the Rockies…the Phillies and a runaway squirrel.  Drivers in Colorado generally more polite…{except in Denver on the Freeway}. I loved stopping at  THE SPAM MUSEUM in Austin, Minnesota -- the Hormel Story is very interesting too. NOW, here is what local folks told me along the way. Read more...


On April 6th, I will reach my 71st…52 of those have involved the broadcasting industry.  First, Thank you to all the great listeners to WAXX/WAYY where I spent 38 of those years.

I started in Evanston, Illinois, in 1961 and included stops in Texas...South Carolina….Green Bay And Eau Claire since 1976.  Broadcasting is the best 1-on-1 communication device ever invented. Even with all the social media…Radio is still a vital part of our society.

Local radio tackles many local issues on WAYY.  We started Local Talk in 1990 and followed in the tradition of the Peter Murphy before us.   I want to salute all the previous hosts on AM 790: Read more...


A few years ago…I read a book and saw a movie that Rekindled my faith…It was called “Tuesday’s with Morrie.” Read more...

How Does an Idea like The Confluence Project come to be?

How does an idea like the Confluence Project come to be?  Read more...