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Those of you who thought He should not have given that SPEECH:


I may not be the most religious Jew.

BUT I was born a Jew and I will Die a Jew.

Listen to BIBI before it’s too LATE.



STAND UP…. Back Israel AND Netanyahu.

“NEVER AGAIN” will a tyrant destroy the Jewish People.

Neville Chamberlin thought He could deal with a Tyrant…How did that work out?

BIBI is a leader… we need one here in the USA. Read more...


Great E-mail  from my Ex-Brother-in-Law...
Thanks Alan in Arizona.  I wish to share it with you.

(I have edited some of his comments.)

Chicago Has Lost A Legend

I was 5 years old the day my Dad Irv took me to Wrigley Field in 1948 for my 1st Cub game. The players I remember were Phil Cavaretta…Andy Pafko {Boyceville’s own}…Hank Sauer and Charlie Grimm…But in the late '50s, I remember seeing a picture in the Chicago Sun-Times of 2 Negro League youngsters reporting the same day to Wrigley: Gene Baker and Ernie Banks {The 1st black players on the Cubs}.

From day one I admired Baker and Banks, especially the kid with wrists that could hit a baseball out onto Waveland Ave.

Friday night I received an e-mail from my friend Mike Sullivan telling me Mr. CUB had passed. All day Saturday listening to sports radio, hundreds of baseball fans paid him tribute.

"LETS PLAY 2" was Ernie’s favorite phrase. The day I got to shake his hand at a Cub Convention, I will remember forever…He was there along with Handy Andy…Fergy and Billy and Randy Hundley and Beckert…and many others.

Ernie was the star of many of our youth. The '69 Cubs were my favorites, and in 1989 in Mesa, I played against them…

REST IN PEACE MR. CUB………Say hello to Jack Brickhouse …Vince…and Lou and Harry…and all the boys like my 1st hero Phil Cavaretta of Lane Tech High School.  Oh ,and Ronnie Santo, too. Read more...


OMG, since I have been a young boy I have rooted for 2 sports teams faithfully. The CUBS have toyed with my emotions since I was 5. In 2003 they were 5 outs from the World Series and folded in the stretch. I will continue to root for them and hope before my days on earth are done they will reward my loyality.

Since the Mid '60s {When I moved to Green Bay}, I have rooted through thick and thin for THE GREEN BAY PACKERS. From Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Rodgers, even with Lynn Dickey and Scott Hunter, I have rooted them on. But after the game this past Sunday…I can’t Take another CHOKE JOB from our
Coaches and Players. Prevent defense only Prevents you from winning.

We had our ticket in hand to SUPER BOWL 49…..But WE gave it away…Fake Field Goal…Botched ON-SIDE KICK…Morgan Burnette Intercepting Wilson and
running 4 yards…And sliding down…Matthews playing with his hair on the sidelines……4th and 1 at the Goal line and settling for Field Goals.

I went to sleep Sunday and all I can think of is #86 not blocking for Jordy Nelson on that ON-SIDE KICK so Jordy could catch it. And Blowing the catch.
Enough blame to go around.


The following question is probably one of the most commonly asked philosophical/theological question since the beginning of time. Why do bad things happen to good people? Read more...


First of all, thank you to Dave Duax for urging me to view Chippewa Falls and its downtown area. I did on Saturday, October 18th. Many of the buildings are historic-looking. The new ones look nice. Some of the new construction is not completed so it is difficult to say how it will fit in. However, from what I observed, IT WILL.

I still feel the revised look of Mixed-Use Building will blend in with RCU and JAMF. By the way, will someone tell Mary Decker that this it is not a DORM but Housing that even Non-Students {Like JAMF employees} could rent.

I need to be perfectly fair in saying my wife agrees with Councilman Duax about the design of this building…needing to be changed. Since I now have been to Chippewa…I will check out downtown Wausau SOON. So I now know what it feels like at least on this subject…to be like James Carville and Mary Matalin.

But I digress…my return to Eau Claire took me back on the road along the Chippewa River on streets like 86th and Lilac and Riverview Drive...where I ran into our Mid-West Familie's own Tim Abraham up on a bluff near the Airport’s
3-Million-Dollar Control Tower. Tim -- a great Award-Winning Photog -- was shooting beautiful fall colors. Across the CHIPPEWA.

We have such beauty in Eau Claire and Chippewa County on a road many people don’t even know is there. Off the beaten path right in our own back yard. If you have never driven on that road by Lake Hallie Golf Course
overlooking the Chippewa River from Chippewa Falls to Eau Claire ending on the backside of the airport or going down Riverside Drive, too.

Take that drive and you feel like you are in another world -- so refreshing. I even observed 2 Deer…1 was a Real DEER, the other standing next to real -- 1 was a yard ornament.

I even came across a major track event…near our Riverview Park. Read more...


We left E.C. on the 21st of September ,headed for GRACELAND...on the way we had some great experiences in Chicago with childhood friends...then to Indianapolis and Cincinnati where we spent an afternoon at the National Underground Railroad Museum...where stories of slavery came to life, and Columbus, Ohio, where we joined 109,000 for an Ohio State Football experience. I also saw new student housing being built in Downtown Columbus. LOOKED GREAT, FIT RIGHT IN... Read more...


First of all I do believe in our Public Schools in Wisconsin in-general. But when they become so bad -- such as in Milwaukee and Racine area -- I do feel that vouchers serve a purpose to help those parents. When they talked about stopping vouchers, many people showed up at a meeting demanding to keep them in the Milwaukee area. However, I don’t think it is needed throughout the state {My Opinion}. I think we need to find a way to help the rural schools, or they will fold or merge.

The big thing I am against is how our public schools were taken over by the Unions and the Democratic Party. I am totally against any political party or union doing that. As a result the unions brought things like ACT 10 on themselves. I am not against teachers, as they have a tough job. I am against political opinions drifting into our classrooms. I was really against our former Supt. Heileman giving a political {Anti-Walker} speech on the Capitol steps {and then defending it to me}. “I AM A CITIZEN.”

I think it is a shame when a student is poked fun of for having a conservative point or opinion. I think it’s a shame when students have told me they are afraid to express their opinion. It gets worse in many University settings. Students should be able to voice their opinion in a social studies or history class without fear of getting a bad grade. YOU CALL THAT EDUCATION? That is one of the reasons home schooling became so popular. Then charter private schools started. Now granted, some these were ill-conceived and actually took the money and ran. Many of our private schools are very good. 2 of our children graduated from Regis and 1 from North. All 3 have turned out to be very productive citizens in Ohio and Colorado. One has garnered a Masters Degree following her Education at Regis…UW-Stout and Xavier University in Ohio.

These Private Schools can’t be worse than some of our Public Schools in Milwaukee and Racine.. Read more...


love the game of Baseball. In fact, it was only sport I ever actually played.  I played in, believe it or not…The Mayor Daley Little League on Chicago’s Northside. Mort Lowery, a Chicago Policeman, was our Coach.  Their team once played at Wrigley Field against a team from Great Lakes Naval Training Center and actually got a hit off Johnny Podres of the Dodgers.  Well, watching this year's Little League World Series took me back to those years, as that team from my home town…The Jackie Robinson Little League team from Chi-Town… made us proud.  South Korea won the Championship, but those kids from Chi-Town won our hearts.  The teamwork that I learned playing {Catcher} carried over to my broadcasting career as well. Read more...