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MARTYS BLOG On City Council

I recently requested a meeting with members of Eau Claire City Council to ask if they took a “consensus” or a “vote” that resulted in the decision not to renew the contract of City Manager Russ Van Gompel. That request was ignored, and the City Council president sent an email stating that neither she nor any other members of the council would be available to answer that question on WAYY-AM. Read more...

Very inspiring person!

Marty via Rick:


I saw the story on the Internet.  A Jewish man named “Marty” {Moshe} passed away Wednesday in LA.

And his Christian wife said…

“He often drove me Crazy”
“But there’s not a day I won’t miss him”
“I loved him to the Core”

When he first met his wife…He wrote a note with reasons he would use to convince her to go out on a date with him.

He had about 12 reasons.

It took him a week to get up the nerve to call her. He rehearsed his call and he was not going to take “NO” for an answer.

She later told him “Marty, you had me after the first reason”. They later wrote a best selling book…"Shirley & Marty: An Unlikely Love Story."

I am Jewish…My Wife is Christian.  I took a week to get up the nerve to ask her out. I wrote down the reasons this beautiful gal from Cadot,t Wisconsin, should go out with this crazy little Jewish Guy from Cubby Land {Chicago}.

THIS WAS before I read their story.

Shirley and Marty were married 40 years in LA LA Land.  Mary and Marty have been married 37+ years in Cheesehead Land. Many days I drive her Crazy. We have a weirdly wonderful Love Affair.

Go with God…Marty Ingels…and I know Shirley Jones will miss him and cherish their Crazy 40 years. He died of complications of a stroke at 79.

I have always felt a connection with Marty and Shirley. Read more...


What is Depression?

For a sports fan growing up in Chicago, it is rooting for a Baseball Team since you were 5 years-old and being loyal to that team for over 60+ years that continues to test your loyality.

Once again, as has happened since 1908, we stand on the verge of another disappointment and you can remember back to years like '45…'69…'84…'89…'98…2003…or 2008. We Cub fans have stood by our team as they tear our hearts out…we need 3 wins in Chicago starting Tuesday and do it without Lester or Arrieta, our 2 best pitchers.

I and thousands -- maybe millions -- of Cub fans stand very Depressed once again.

I know it’s only a game…it's not life and Death. But on this Monday morning, I am a 72 year-old Cub fan who is running out of “WAIT TILL NEXT YEARS”.

Yet WE STAND LOYAL TILL THE END and we hope for a MIRACLE. REMEMBER in the words of Dick Motta former NBA Coach:



I was born in Chicago in 1943. The Cubs played in the 1945 World Series in which they lost to Detroit and I understand some guy was not allowed to bring his Goat to that Series. {I really don’t remember it from my playpen.}

In 1948 my dad Irv brought me at age 5 and took me on the “EL” to a place I do remember as the most beautiful place I had ever seen. We walked up the stairs and saw the Green Grass and the Ivy-covered walls and I was forever a Wrigley Field Fan.

I spent many days in that SHRINE as a youth. Hank Sauer…Ernie Banks..Dee Fondy…Ron Santo..Fergy..Randy.
Many Bad teams...still, they were my team through thick and thin. We came close in '69..'84…'89…and on the day I retired there was THE BARTMAN GAME.

Now almost 70 years later I am living as many of you are…A DREAM SEASON.
Don’t pinch me, I may wake up. Yes, we are not THERE YET. But what a ride in 2015 [BACK TO THE FUTURE 2}.

So keep your fingers crossed. Hey how about this Dream …


I heard the story of that lady 102 year-old RED SOX Fan. Watched the Sox win. And pass on the next day.
I am not ready to go yet…But I am LIVIN' THE DREAM of my LIFE. Just like you are.



Ernie and Ronnie and Harry and Jack are smiling down. Read more...

All Lives Matter

This past week, more senseless killings took place in America. Yes, it HIT home for people in broadcasting and law enforcement.

I have been in broadcasting since 1960 and have known many radio and TV news reporters, and the killings in Roanoke live on the air sent chills up my spine. However, all lives matter, no matter the profession or Race. The Execution of a Houston Sheriff’s officer was the latest in the war on law enforcement. None of this makes sense. Read more...


Usually my Blogs have something to do with marketing. However, at age 72, my wife and I try to stay active and try to enjoy the wonderful state of Wisconsin as much as possible.

They say you usually enjoy the music you grew to love as a teenager all your life. Well I can say that not only my teenager years but the years I was a DJ in Texas…South Carolina and Wisconsin was my music.

My dad Doc Green had a band and introduced me to the likes of Dorsey…Miller…Basie and of course Sinatra…Ella…and in 1955 I discovered a new kind of music when I heard “ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK” by a guy with a spit curl in BILL HALEY and His Comets.

Our weekend started in Arcadia, Wisconsin, where Ashley Furniture was born.  Ashley is a very civic-minded company, and about 8 years started an event called “ASHLEY FOR THE ARTS,” and I and our great friends…The Holtans…Bouleys and Murphys journeyed to attend on a picture-perfect Frday.

Every years Ashley brings in top notch entertainment like The Beach Boys and great local groups like “The Memories.”

Well this year the headliner {cost of admission is $5}…you read right, was
81-year-old Jersey Boy…FRANKIE VALLI and the FOUR SEASONS. The Four Seasons included some members of the Musical THE JERSEY BOYS plus the incredible CHICAGO HORN Section. Plus a SOUND system that was truly unbelievably clear even in the back row of about 25,000 fans.

Frankie sang every one of his hits. If you saw JERSEY BOYS or read the book, I hope he is still not paying off Mr DeVito' Gambling Debt. In the movie Bob Gaudio tells Frankie “You’ll be working 'till your 80 to pay back that money.” Frankie, like his idol Sinatra, has had his ups and downs, but thanks to his loyal fans…he is still making us clap and stomp our feet to “THE MUSIC WE GREW UP WITH.”

The evening started with a special award to a great backer of the arts -- and man I
have admired as a fellow broadcaster -- in Hall of Famer Dick Record of La Crosse.
Congratulations Dick for all you have done for the Coulee Region and beyond.

Well for almost 2 great hours non-stop, Frankie Valli put on a performance for the ages. I have seen Sinatra…Elvis…Diana Ross…Tom Jones…Huey Lewis…The Beach Boys…Tony Bennett in person. Remember Frankie is 81 {his voice was great at 4 PM in a sound check}. It was still fabulous at 10 PM during 3 encores… 25,000 cheering fans, many my age or older. He was THE BEST…THANK YOU FRANKIE. In 1962 I was one of the first DJs to play “SHERRY” on WORG’s Top 60 in Dixie.

Frankie sang every one of his many hits. If you saw Jersey Boys…in it Bob Gaudio tells Frankie when he decides to pay off the gambling debts of Four Seasons member DeVito. You’ll be singing 'till you're 80.

He is still singing strong 2 hours after the concert began. And many of us in our 70s clapping along. TO THE MUSIC WE GREW UP WITH. Sure sounded like it Friday in Arcadia, WI.

Like his hero Sinatra…He has had his ups and downs {daughter died, etc.}. His loyal fans have stayed with him all these years later.

This was a night to remember and a big thank you to Ron Wanek President of Ashley Furniture who designed the beautiful Memorial Park as a tribute to our Men and women in the our military.

We topped off the weekend with a few days on the MISSISSIPPI River with our great friends Bob and Colleen Holtan of Decorah {Former WAXX/WAYY GM}, and we even ran into former WEAU GM Cheri Weinke and great CUB fan husband Paul at Slipperys in Wabasha, Minnesota..

My message to all of…Enjoy Life…Enjoy the region of the country you Read more...


Via Marty Green

Make a game of finding something positive in every situation. 95% of your emotions are determined by how you interpret events to yourself.

Optimism is one quality more associated with success And happiness than any other. So Dream Big Dreams!  At 5 years of age I already had an idea of what my goal would be. Radio -- yes, even at that age. I wasn’t the best student but I set my course towards things that would teach me what it takes in this crazy business called broadcasting. Read more...


Goals and Achievement

An average person with average talent, ambition and education can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear-focused goals. I had a goal at age 5 after listening to a guy on the radio named Arthur Godfrey {Google him} -- I knew what my goal was.

The establishment of a clear, central purpose or goal in life is surely the starting point. I followed advise given by both my dad and my boyhood idol {Jack Brickhouse} to work hard and get experience in a small town radio station {Orangeburg, South Carolina}. On air and Sales. Which got me an interview in Green Bay with my mentors at TV11: Larry Busse…Howard {the Hat} Trickey and Tom Hutchison.

Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines. Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood you will achieve them by 100%.

Success equals goals…….ALL ELSE IS COMMENTARY. Rewrite your major goals every day. In the present tense, as if they already existed.

Right now I am following the career of THEO EPSTEIN, President of my Chicago
Cubs. This team has Goals and their young stars are working to achieve them.

RIZZO…BRYANT…SOLER and the veterans on this team are learning each week
how winners WIN…like THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS in hockey DID.

Winning…projects Winning…Chicago has not seen a CUB WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP since 1908. I predict This group will deliver it. SOON. Read more...


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