A True Voter ID For All

So the latest attempt at a voter ID law in Wisconsin has been struck down.  Good.  Too many would be burdened-enough that they will not be able to vote under that law.  Accepting that this was the wrong approach -- and with me fully believing that ID is not necessary for any problem with fraud, since fraud is nearly non-existant -- I ask about a third option:  a free voter ID card issued to all residents.

If your concern is with people impersonating others to vote multiple times, an actual "voter ID card" takes care of that problem.  However, being free and issued upon registering to vote, it guarantees that all residents of Wisconsin have a card provided with the least number of obstacles possible.  No one should have to pay to vote, and obtaining a driver's license or displaying a birth certificate cost money for those who either never drive or come from background where obtaining such a certificate is near-impossible.  Essentially requiring someone to pay to be able to vote is truly un-American.  A free voter ID card gets around that problem.

If your concern is a college student voting in multiple states or cities, simply require that once the card is issued, their home address is informed of their registration.  Should be a simple task.

Voter fraud is so minimal as to be a non-factor in swinging elections in Wisconsin and nationwide -- this is a classic "solution in search of a problem."  IDs are unnecessary based on the data.  And, Republicans have pushed voter ID primarily because it will help their party;  one would suspect that most who would have difficulty obtaining proper ID under the struck-down law would vote Democratic, and in a 50-50 state, that effect could swing elections.  True, Democrats pushing for additional early voting hours, expanded registration and no ID-needed likely realize such policies help their party get elected, as well, but this is a case where one party's opinions match what is morally right.

Yet, for those genuinely concerned that voter fraud could happen, who want to protect the sacred opportunity we have to vote -- a valid point -- the third option of a free, state-issued voter ID card addresses those concerns.  Other problems could come up -- what if one loses their card, the inveitable forgeries of such cards -- but this is a non-partisan way to ensure both a fair vote and a fair opportunity to vote.

Any problems?