Only Supporters Need Apply

An possible appointee to the University of Wisconsin System Board Of Regents, a UW-Platteville student named Joshua Inglett, had his appointment revoked at the last minute when the Walker administration discovered that he had signed a recall petition against Governor Walker in 2011.  Say what you will about whether he should have disclosed his signing of the petition, but this is blatant political retribution.  Now, Governor Walker claims, when asked if his administration checks if appointees are also recall petition signers, that "I don't do anything in that regard."  Perhaps he doesn't himself.  What about his associates?

The good news is that there is bipartisan objection, as well as from the chancellor of UW-Platteville, though that may not stop this decision from holding firm.  Regardless, the message is clear:  if there is public evidence of your opposition to the Walker administration (and, yes, the recall petitions are publicly available), you are subject to career stoppages in Wisconsin under Governor Walker.  Hey, I signed a recall petition -- whoops, I guess I'm subject to a watch list of sorts at least until January, 2015.  Probably longer, given the state of Wisconsin's Democratic Party.  I shudder to think what this portends for the sort of administrative values Governor Walker would bring to the White House should he run for -- and win -- the Presidency in 2016.