Assembly, What's The Deal?

Late last week, the state Assembly finished its scheduled session for the year.  Passed:  Voter ID legislation, reduced early voting hours, a constitutional amendment restricting recalls and a license plate to show pro-life support.  Rejected:  a resolution to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Not considered:  non-partisan redistricting.

Really, Wisconsin Republican legislators, what's the deal?  Perhaps you were offended by a Democrat's tweet, but does that mean all bets are off and we're voting down a memorial to Sandy Hook but OKing a plate that benefits pro-life causes?  I won't even get into the childish behavior on the floor against the Democrats.

I suppose none of this really matters.  The Assembly districts in the state have been drawn such that the GOP majority is probably guaranteed through the 2020 election, barring some epic Republican scandal (well...maybe that will happen after all).  Pass whatever, block whatever (like a non-partisan redistricting bill), no consequences.  It's a GOP world in Wisconsin, and half of us have to live with it.