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It's Always The Recalls

We recently learned that Wisconsin job growth is still kinda meh.  From March 2012 to March 2013, the state added about 24,000 new jobs.  And, apparently, the reason for the slow growth is STILL the recalls.

Gov. Walker said in a statement that, since the period covers spring of 2012 -- before the gubernatorial recall election -- that "(E)mployers in the state were basically frozen until they knew what would happen in that election and the uncertainty it caused."  He even noted that he's pointed this out before.  By this logic, once the elections were done in early June, job creation should have dramatically taken off once employers were "certain."  Even if you give the Governor the benefit of the doubt and assume that, say, 40,000 jobs would have been created the entire period with no recalls -- and if you take four 1-year periods of 40,000 new jobs -- you know, the equivalant of a full term -- you still only get to 160,000 jobs.

In other words, the policies ain't working as well as advertised by Walker and the Republicans in the Legislature.

The good news is that the Governor himself has said that we're about to judge his job record with no recall excuse:  "When the end of the year numbers come out, you are going to see a significant increase." -- and if there is none, then he can admit that the policies could be better.  Or that Obamacare is to blame.  Or after-effects of the recalls.  Or unicorns.  The latter three are far likelier than admitting that maybe, perhaps, possibly, there's an ever-so-slight chance that their job policies simply aren't working as promised -- that's a promise.

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