Luc's "Athletic Aesthetic" Volume One Column


Welcome To Luc's Line!

Hi!  Luc Anthony here, Wednesday morning Guest Contributor and John Murphy back-up on NewsTalk 790 Today.  As we Guest Contributors are wont to do, I've created my blogm called "Luc's Line."  You guessed it:  it's my perspective on the political and governmental issues of the day.

What's my background in current events and politics?  I've never ran for anything, never worked in a government office -- I'm merely a political junkie.  I first remember supporting Walter Mondale for President in the Weekly Reader while in 1st grade in 1984.  I regularly taped CNN's "Inside Politics '92" during the Clinton-Bush-Perot presidential campaign.  I spent a significant part of the '00s figuring out the vote ratings of members of Congress to see who was the most historically liberal and conservative going back a half-century.  I intentionally DVR'd the roll call of states and last year's Republican National Convention because I love the tradition of hearing how each state presents its attributes.

Yes, I'm a political junkie.

I'm also a liberal Democrat.  I believe in caring for the least of us.  I believe in protecting the environment.  I believe climate change is man-made and has to be stopped now.  I believe in peace and exhausting all avenues of diplomacy.  I believe in scientific and social progress.  I believe in God.  I believe in basic, equal rights for everyone.  I believe everyone should have the right to vote.  I believe in the power of government to do good.  I believe in the ability of government to work with private industry to grow economies and advance society.  I believe regulations protect society.

I also believe in compromise and practicality.  To truly make accomplishments in a government with a wide diversity of ideology, you can't hold pure to your beliefs in terms of legislation.  Fight for as much as you can, figure out what to give to get others to support a bill, and get it passed.  That's how government is supposed to work.  The end result may not be the perfect outcome, but imperfect is better than failure.

Where am I on the Political Compass?  In the "libertarian left" quadrant (as opposed to "right" or "authoritarian").  Puts me a little left of Gandhi.

The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -7.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.77


So, that's who I am.  I don't hate anyone, though I vehemently disagree with certain points of view.  I generally believe the less-selfish and more-community-oriented we are as a society, the better.

Let's keep the discussion going -- and keep searching for solutions.

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