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Shots Fired at Semi

Western Wisconsin authorities are trying to figure out who fired gunshots at a semi-truck, and why.  

The semi was hit nine times last Saturday morning on Interstate-94 near Hammond.  No one was hurt.  The Saint Croix County sheriff said somebody in an older red-or-maroon car fired a unique style of ten-millimeter bullets.  Deputies hope those bullets will help them find the suspect.  Shell casings were recovered where the truck driver first heard the shots.  The trucker told officers he had just passed a car, and then heard a noise that sounded like somebody was knocking rapidly on the semi cab.  He stopped, found a broken window, and then kept going.  Another truck flagged him down a short time later, after seeing a fuel leak.  Only then did the driver know he had bullet holes in a fuel tank, a tire, the sleeper cab, and other parts of the rig.