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Lone Act 10 Legal Challenge In Limbo

One legal challenge remains to Wisconsin's Act-10 public union bargaining limits -- and the plaintiffs' argument is similar to what the State Supreme Court rejected yesterday.

The Law Enforcement Association, made up of state police officers, will decide in the coming week whether to keep pursuing its challenge.  That was after the justices upheld Act-10 on a 5-to-2 vote.  Madison attorney Lester Pines, who represented the unions involved in yesterday's decision, said the challenges to Act-10 are basically exhausted.  Justice Patrick Crooks wrote that he was obligated to uphold the union restrictions, even though they departed from the state's strong labor traditions.  In Crooks' words, "The damage to public employee unions due to Act-10 was unnecessary."  Still, Crooks found nothing unconstitutional about it.  Justice Ann Walsh Bradley wrote that public workers had their freedom of association diluted.  Justice Michael Gableman disagreed, saying unions still have a right to whatever cases they can make in public forums -- but the government is under no obligation to listen.