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Wisconsin Farms Short On Moisture

After all the rain we had a few weeks ago, it's hard to believe that many Wisconsin farms are short on moisture.

The National Ag Statistics Service said 20-percent of farm fields in the Badger State were short of moisture as of Sunday -- and three-percent were very short.  A number of county reporters said the crops look good, but we could use some rain.  The National Weather Service says a series of weak low-pressure systems is going through the Badger State this week.  There will be at least a chance of showers and thunderstorms each afternoon.  Meanwhile, cool temperatures continue to slow the maturity of the Wisconsin corn.  Forty-four percent of the corn is silked, up 22-percent from a week ago but still eleven points behind the average for the past five years.  Soybean blooms are now five-percent ahead of the norm after a strong spurt in the last week.