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Kind Wants Stabilizing Agent For Oil Rail Transport

Congressman Ron Kind wants to force oil companies to use a stabilizing agent, to make it safer to transport North Dakota crude throughout the country.

Rep. Kind says Texas requires the process -- and he has asked U-S Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to make it mandatory nationwide.  Kind says the process is not all that expensive, and it's required for oil that's shipped through pipelines but not on trains.  The government has been trying to address the safety of shipping oil by rail after a series of fiery fatal mishaps.  In May, the Insurance Journal wrote that some lawmakers and regulators were pushing to remove the most volatile elements from crude oil before it's shipped from the Bakken oil fields.  That article focused on removing flammable natural gas liquids.  It mentioned that oil firms might have to spend billions on processing towers which were not put in at Bakken.  The Insurance Journal quoted Phillips 66 C-E-O Greg Garland as saying the concept of chemical removal needs to be considered as part of safe deliveries.  The federal D-O-T has said all options are on the table -- including better tracks, slower train speeds, and re-inforced cars which go around urban areas.  About two-thirds of Bakken's oil is shipped by rail.