Things I learned on the way to somewhere else-June edition

This month I learned some really cool stuff while paging through a magazine, book or newspaper or 2..

For instance, I learned that 1.2 million jobs could be created from all the vacation time we American's don't take each year. (mental floss)

While doing some AT 40 research on google, The Songs Let Em In (wings), Let Me In (Osmonds) and Let Her In (John Travolta) were all top 40 hits in the mid 70's, ( Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles)

92 % of Republican adults are more conservative than the typical Democrat, compared to 64 % 20 years ago and 94 % of Democratic adults are more liberal that the median Republican compared to 70 % 20 years ago (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel )

 There are 172 female billionaires, up 25 % from 2013. (Forbes)

76 Nations have played in the world cup since it began in 1930 (Playboy)

Americans used to get 349 calroies a day from red meat, now its down to 268 (Time)