Things I learned on the way to Hawai'i and back

Aloha and Mohalo

It's amazing what a few days in Paradise (and the trip to and from) will teach you. My first time in Hawai'i and I learned this..

* If you put 2 vowels back to back..and they do that ALOT in Hawai'i need to put the apostrophe in. Wheel of Fortune has been doing this WRONG for quite a while. 

* Gas Prices  range from 4.09 to 4.26 but the real sticker shock came when we went shopping for half and half for our morning coffees--5.19 for a quart--YIKES! 

* President Barack Obama went to a high school within walking distance of Hilo Hatties,(the store of Hawaii although I doubt Michele does much of her shopping there)  The harbor where the "3 hour tour" on Gilligan's Island began, and dozens of scenes for the new and old HAWAII 5-0 . His name was Barry in High School and he went to the same high school that John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston went to.

* If someone offers you a LOCO MOCO--take them up on the offer..they're usually good and good for breakfast.

* More than 2 dozen movies and tv shows have been shot at the nature reserve/ beach  mentioned in the Beach Boys SURFIN USA " Waimea Bay" 

* The last time Wisconsin won the NCAA Basketball Championship was about 8 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor.