Things I learned on the way to something else February 4th Edition

Things I learned on the way to something else FEBRUARY 4th  EDITION

Too Many Sub-Sub zero days, long car rides, a soak in the tub or two and a new NOOK have all led me to the February 4th Edition of THINGS I LEARNED ON THE WAY TO SOMETHING ELSE.

Yes, I read Mitch Albom's latest THE FIRST PHONECALL FROM HEAVEN and No, I did NOT drop it in the tub as some of my best friends predicted..Great Book--It's one you'll read in 2, maybe 3 days MAX..You can NOT put this book down..

Meanwhile I stumbled into a few things and feel free to use any of this information discriminately or even indiscriminately.

* 23 % of Americans didn't read a single book last year--up from 16 % in 1990 and 8 % in 1978 (THE WEEK)

* Most Liked Photo on FACEBOOK--The special HUG between President and Wife (Barack and Michelle) 4.4 million Likes. ( NEW YORK magazine)

* Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of JACK DANIELS. He always had it on stage with him. 3 Rocks, 2 fingers of JD and a splash of water ( NEW YORK magazine)

* Jason Seiler, EC Memorial Graduate, created the TIME Person of the Year portrait of Pope Francis. He's also done caricatures of  Chris Christie and Raymond Chandler and graduated in 1996--the same year that WAYY's own Luc Anthony graduated from Eau Claire Memorial ( and NO, no known caricatures of Luc exist. really. )  ( MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL )