More things I learned on the way to something else --In like a LION edition

First Off.. As February becomes March and temps continue to drop into the sub zero range (thank you polar vortex !) let me acknowledge 2 important things--March WILL come in like a lion AND my wife Juli is the # 1 reader of this blog so let me throw in at least one "Hi Honey ! " and then get back to the business of "things I learned on the way to something else "

In my hand, I am clutching no less than 2 dozen post it notes with all kinds of strange information I gleened from reading too much late at night, early in the morning, in waiting rooms and libraries and occassionally even on a bus.

For instance:  Garick Utley, NBC newsman who just passed away, was the son of Clifton Utley, who hired NBC newsman John Chancellor who later then hired Garick. What goes around ,comes around. (Chicago Sun Times )  Another Garick Utley note: He went to Carleton College (which I believe is in Northfield, Minnesota if it's the same Carleton I'm familiar with)  and he squared off against Macalester student, and soccer player, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan .

Prescription Pills now kill more Americans than all illegal drugs combined (PLAYBOY)

There are 3,300 MENSA members under age 18 . Another 56,000 adults are part of the group. (Milwaukee Journal)

Wisconsin is projected to have a shortage of 20,000 nurses by 2035 (Milwaukee Journal)

The Keep Wisconsin Warm fund reports that energy assistance requests are up 42 % this Winter ( Wisconsin State Journal )

When it first appeared, critics ridiculed this structure as:

* Truly Tragic Street Lamp  * Metal Asparagus * Funnel planted on it's fat butt "

The Eiffel Tower  !    (Mental Floss )

* The now closed, iconic MIKE's SMOKEHOUSE was a 1996 Finalist for Pork Restaurant of the Year  ( Eau Claire Leader-Telegram )

* Colonel Sanders Famous Chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times (Mental Floss)

* 90's week on JEOPARDY  March 3-7  (TV Guide)