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Things I read for fun and other things I like to read-April 2014

It's probably a good thing I have a NOOK. It's probably a good thing that I have an overused library card and I'm sure its a good thing that I'm a literacy tutor with the Literacy Volunteers of The Chippewa Valley.

I love to read almost as much as I like to TALK and WRITE.

Now, sometimes I do a slew of reading  as an occupational hazard of what I do for my dayjob. Breezing through TIME or NEWSWEEK or THE ATLANTIC or VANITY FAIR,etc. aren't always a quick, easy, fun read and they more often than not involve note pads, erasers, caffeinated soda or coffee and some kind of self imposed deadline.

Then there are those things I find myself losing myself in.

Jon Hasler's NORTH OF HOPE  (Just finished it ! Great Book. One of those reads where I end up refilling the tub with hot water because I don't want to get out until I finish just ONE more chapter) and THE QUIET SEASON-- A Wisconsin Book by Jerry Apps that I read with my Literacy student in chapters every week during our tutor sessions at Banbury Place. The timing could not have been better ( It's all about winter's in the 1930's and 1940's in Wisconsin and we were reading it January-April) and the price was right ( I took it off Bob Bosold's desk when he wasn't looking)

Great Read--Jerry really captures what farm life in glorious Wisconsin Winter MUST have been like.Very personaable, just enough detail, paints a picture, I can smell the barn and feel the frost as he shares THE QUIET SEASON.  Here's why I say MUST have. I'm not a farmer and I arrived on the planet almost 3 decades too late for the era he talks about, and yet I've always had an appreciation for that time and the will of people that lived through that time.

  The other eye opener for me was hearing my student read (outloud) passages from the story. It captured the timeframe, some of the grit and the charm of the era. Plus I rediscovered that I too enjoy being read to.

One more point about this: Read whatever you can, whenever you can. Encourage others to do the same and if someone ever says , " You might make a pretty good tutor"--take them up on the offer. It will be one of those things that absolutely changes your life.

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